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Bill and Linda Miller
2022 Blue Jay Christmas Parade
Grand Marshals

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Hello! We are Bill and Linda Miller, and have been working in the hospitality business together since 1972.


In July 2001 we purchased the business from Emil Hemmers, who had opened “Villager Coffee Shop” in April 1960. We renamed it to Bill’s Villager Coffee Shop.


Then after 13 years we dropped “coffee shop” from the name. With coffee houses popping up people couldn’t remember what a 1960’s coffee shop was! So we became “Bill’s Villager”!


Linda started serving at Bob’s Big Boy in 1972. She worked a few places in Anaheim. On the mountain she has worked at Mountain Pantry, Emil’s Villager and Borderline.


Bill started cooking in the Navy. When he got out of the Navy in 1966 he cooked at different places in San Bernardino. After awhile he moved to Anaheim.


We met while working together at Chalet Pancakes and Steaks in Anaheim. In May of 1980 we married and continued to work in Anaheim. In 1981 we decided it was time to move somewhere different. We packed up our two boys, Jeff and Greg, and moved to Blue Jay.


Bill got a job at Emil’s and worked there for 8 years. He and Linda worked at Molly’s Café in San Bernardino for 3 years. 


When their daughter was born in 1992 they both took jobs at Borderline in Blue Jay.


We have 6 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, all amazing, and you may see them, as well as the rest of our huge family, at the restaurant from time-to-time. We enjoy spending time with them, eating great food and sharing laughs, wisdom, and memories.

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