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The Grand Marshalls Wayne and Maria Carter own and operate Country Furniture and Modern Lodge Furniture.


Country Furniture was originally established by Ross and Charmaine Johnstone in 1957 and was located in downtown Cedar Glen.  In 1973 when the Blue Jay Mall was built, the store was relocated to its present location. In 1994, the business was sold to Paul and Linda Carter. In 2014, the business was passed on to Wayne and Maria Carter.

In 2023, Modern Lodge Furniture was added to the business. The Carters moved both businesses to the new location in Agua Fria, 26836 and 26840 CA Highway 189. Wayne and Maria Carter are and have been active members of the community and have raised their family on the mountain in Lake Arrowhead for over 50 years

2023 Grand Marshalls 
Wayne and Maria Carter

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